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Waste After The Revolution w/ Andrea Haverkamp

Laborwave Radio and Opening Space for the Radical Imagination present a podcast mini-series, After The Revolution. ​

After the Revolution is inspired by the desire to offer more than a diagnosis of what is wrong with today by focusing on what we might be able to bring about instead. Each episode within this series will begin by highlighting the importance of considering one particular feature of society, then imagining what it might look like after the revolution, and finally offering some ideas on how we get to this revolutionary society.

Our third episode is Waste After the Revolution featuring Andrea Haverkamp, president of the Coalition of Graduate Employees labor union, a Phd candidate in Environmental Engineering at Oregon State University, and frequent guest host on Laborwave Radio.

"We will, after the revolution, use our current landfills as the new goldmines. We put so much plastic and metals in landfills that will not go away for thousands of years and we can get them back out. We will no longer have our lives dominated by single use items. The rulers are beholden to the cups. The cups are actually not beholden to them. Under consumer capitalism we've created this runaway train and there's no single figure head that we can shut down like we can shut down a factory that will have the effect that we need."


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