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Imagining A Better Utopia: Seizing Spaces of Revolutionary (Re)production w/ Alex Riccio

First time for Laborwave, an audio essay from our show host Alex Riccio originally published by the Institute for Anarchist Studies (

"Victories against the boss are transformative for workers. They cultivate a sense of new possibilities and openings previously viewed as impossible. The task, then, is to expand the arenas where victories take place. In this way, what may begin as a victory against landlords and project for cooperative housing contains the potential of enlarging its imaginative capacities to become the pathway where a recognition is made that cooperative houses on colonized lands is insufficient, and nothing less than a global revolution against settler-colonial capitalist heteropatriarchy will do. "

Laborwave Radio is a proud sponsor of the Opening Space for the Radical Imagination III

Read about the gathering and the current Call for Presenters at


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