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Reflections on Occupy Wall Street w/ Marina Sitrin & Vanessa Zettler

We discussed the legacy and experiences of Occupy Wall Street with two movement participants Marina Sitrin and Vanessa Zettler, contributors to the recent title Pandemic Solidarity: Mutual Aid during the Covid-19 Crisis published by Pluto Press.

Our conversation touched on the ways to recover the real history of OWS and overcome "historical forgetting," the mechanics of OWS through forms of direct democracy such as assemblies and working groups, and the lessons learned from this movement including the need to better anticipate "the fist of the state."

In The Red Records, an independent music label based in Los Angeles, has provided Laborwave permission to use music from their artists on the show! This episode featured the following In The Red artists:

Tyvek- Real Estate and Finance, off their 2016 album "Origin of What"

Osees-Don't Blow Your Experiment, from their upcoming album "Panther Rotate" from Castle Face Records.


Pandemic Solidarity: Mutual Aid During Covid-19 Crisis published by Pluto Press

They Can't Represent Us! Reinventing Democracy from Greece to Occupy published by Verso Books


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