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The Union Busting Playbook & How To Fight It as told by workers at No Evil Foods

Laborwave spoke with workers at No Evil Foods about the company's union busting strategy against an employee organized union campaign. Megan, John, and Max discuss in detail the tactics of No Evil Foods union busting, including a marathon series of 14 hours of captive audience meetings, illegal firings, and censorship, and how workers should prepare for aggressive anti-union campaigns conducted by bosses.

We also delved into a conversation about "solidarity unionism" and the IWW as a viable alternative to conventional union recognition campaigns.

This episode includes never before heard leaked audio from captive audience meetings employees were forced to attend by owners of No Evil Foods!

Despite being a "progressive" company producing vegan meat alternatives and naming their products in socialist language like "comrade cluck," No Evil Foods prioritizes profit over people and demonstrates a no-holds-barred approach to union busting.

Workers have compiled an extensive catalog of information, interviews, and resources for the union busting that took place housed at the website

Additional resources mentioned in the show:

Confessions of a Union Buster by Martin Jay Levitt

Music (thanks John Dwyer and In The Red Records)

Thee Oh Sees: Adult Acid

The Spits- Shitty World


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