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Ep. 5 Comrades Read Together, No Shortcuts! w/ Andrea, Sarah, & Michael

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We've finished No Shortcuts: Organizing for Power by Jane McAlevey! Each chapter has been discussed at length in our series Comrades Read Together, and three veteran labor organizers join us for this final conversation.

Michael Marchmann, staff organizer for GTFF 3544, Sarah Pishioneri, staff organizer for CGE 6069, and Andrea Haverkamp, president of CGE 6069, chat with Laborwave Radio about the difference between "pretend power" and "real power."

Our conversation circles largely around the question of, what Marx famously described, "class in itself" vs. "class for itself." How do we, as leftist organizers, connect disparate movement agents during times of crisis to move from having history enacted upon the working class to the working class enacting history? With the looming pandemic providing pathways towards multiple futures, what are the necessary steps and vision we need to push toward the future we wish to make?

All this and more in our final episode of Comrades Read Together: No Shortcuts!

Music from In The Red Records: Ty Segall- Class War


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