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Zoé Samudzi

May is here, and with it comes continued organizing by teachers, educators, and workers across the nation. This week Person X and Andrea Anarchy swap articles on black feminist anarchism, co-operative housing as commons, and finish off with a powerful exerpt from author and activist Zoé Samudzi's talk she gave at the Opening Space for the Radical Imagination conference on April 8, 2018 titled "Discussion and Thought Exercise about Black Women's Safety" And you'll likely want to note that we will publish the full talk online later.


Further Resources for this Episode:

Columbia Graduate Union 


“Until All Are Free: Anarchism, Black Feminism, and Interlocking Oppression” by Hillary Lazar found in…eorymagazine.html

“Carving Out the Commons” by Alex Zanghi found at…ew-cooperatives

Song clips in this episode are “Sugartown” by Shitkid, “Mesa, AZ” by Guantanamo Baywatch, “Trippling” by Tess Roby, and “Goodbye, Goodnight” by Coachwhips.

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