Liza Featherstone

Rent Strikes with Liza Featherstone and Tenants United Corvallis

Transcript forthcoming.

Two part episode on Laborwave. Our first segment features tenant organizers Kali Doten & Travis Whitehead from Tenants United Corvallis, a committee within the Mid-Valley IWW. They speak about localized efforts to scale up a rent strike and the ensuing challenges in organizing amid the existing pandemic and social distancing. 


We follow that segment with a conversation with Liza Featherstone, a journalist and journalism professor whose work focuses on labor struggles and student activism and has been featured in The Nation and Jacobin. Her recent piece for Jacobin, On Strike- No Rent, serves as the baseline for our discussion. 


Contact Tenants United Corvallis at

Read the piece from Liza Featherstone at On Strike- No Rent

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