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Friendly Anarchism

We interviewed Katherine, the host of Friendly Anarchism based in Eugene, OR and spoke about the definition of anarchism, anarcha-quakerism, mysticism & egalitarianism, the Quaker influence on anarchist organizing,The Movement for a New Society, leftist hostility to religion, accepting spirituality as anti-racist work & the devaluation of the spiritual practices in communities of color, the toxicity of white christianity, centering trauma support, the Neighborhood Anarchist Collective, changing activist structures towards a nurturing culture, appreciations, building trust, the practicality of love, building solidarity networks, thinking collectively, more hands equals light work, not being jerks, brocialism and manarchy, the importance of communicating, white anarchists, tokenization, the London Anarchist Bookfair, openness and bringing people into the movement, different models of nonviolence, Judi Bari and the environmental movement, moral high ground. podcasts, and music in the scene.



Friendly Anarchism


Oppose & Propose


The Neighborhood Anarchist Collective


The London Anarchist Bookfair statements

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