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Barbara Muraca

On this edition of LabourWave we speak with Dr. Barbara Muraca, Professor of Philosophy at Oregon State University and a prominent thinker in the DeGrowth Movement which poses as a radical critique, and alternative, to green capitalism and mainstream environmentalism.

We at LaborWave recommend the following readings as compendiums to this week's episode:

Lane Windham, The Media Still Gets The Working Class Wrong, But Not In The Way You Think….33e37376ede0

John Lanchester, The Case Against Civilization…nst-civilization

Livia Gershon, Unions Aren't Obsolete, They're Being Crushed By Right-Wing Politics…ight-wing-politics

Pete Cottell, I Worked At Voodoo Donuts For 3 Months. Here's The Hole Story.…15/the-hole-story/

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