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Alexander Reid Ross

Authors Shane Burley (Fascism Today: What It Is and How to End It) and Alexander Reid Ross (Against the Fascist Creep) help define fascism and its core tenets of misogyny, transphobia, and white supremacy along with its drive to appropriate leftist rhetoric and cultural artifacts.


They also give listeners key lessons on ways to organize against fascism and their views on how to revitalize leftist social movements.


This talk is an audio excerpt from a public panel given at Oregon State University hosted by Anarres Project for Alternative Futures and Allied Students for Another Politics.


Fascism Today: What It Is and How To End It


Against the Fascist Creep


Anarres Project for Alternative Futures


Further Sources for Antifascism and Labor Unions:
Unions Against Fascism…gainst-fascism/

Unionism and Antifascism (statement from IWW GDC)

Carlo Tresca Portrait of a Rebel (Italian anarchist and antifascist)…t-of-a-rebel.html

These Dockworkers Just Showed the Labor Movement How to Shut Down Fascists…workers-fascists

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